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ICF houses

icf houses img

  • Insulating Concrete Formwork is a building system that uses expanded polystyrene formwork for an in-situ concrete structure.
  • Super insulated modern airtight construction
  • Fast to build

spray render service


  • Efficient modern method of plastering
  • Available in a wide variety of through-coloured tints and textures, imitate traditional finishes or offer a crisp contemporary look
  • Unbeatable longevity, wind and water proof


external wall insulation


  • Improve thermal performance, insulate from the outside
  • Protects your property from penetrating damp for years to come
  • Keep heat inside and save on your energy bills
  • Improve the look and value of your house


"We can tackle any building project and offer full masonry and joinery services 'in-house' to take your build from start to finish"