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External Wall Insulation

Mapei UK LtdFor existing buildings, thermal performance can be improved by the inclusion of external insulation systems over existing constructions.

We can supply these systems as well as finish them with compatible thin-coat render systems for a robust, long-lasting and professional finish.

Insulating the outside of your house will give you a new weather proof layer that will protect you from penetrating damp for years to come, and should deal with any existing penetrating damp problems you may have had due to poor wall finish. The insulation will also increase the temperature of the internal surface of the wall, making it less likely that you will get condensation problems on your walls.

External wall insulation also improves the appearance of the property, thus adding value, and reduces the amount of energy used in the home making it more efficient and more comfortable.


"We can tackle any building project and offer full masonry and joinery services 'in-house' to take your build from start to finish"