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ICF houses

Housing is changing fast - driven by the government's carbon zero initiatives and building regulation requirements, better , more robust, more efficient homes, with better thermal performance, better indoor air quality and which are cheaper to run and maintain, are fast becoming a legal requirement.

By 2016 all new houses must be carbon neutral, with a level of thermal performance exceeding even today's standards.

Stewart K Henderson has invested in the construction technologies and equipment that can deliver houses of a superior standard and performance right now, building with either timber-frame systems or ICF (insulated concrete formwork) systems to meet any specification.

Our ICF system is inherently airtight due to its joint-less wall construction, can be built to unsurpassable levels of thermals performance, and benefits from the heart-retaining properties of thermal mass construction. For the client, this guarantees an airtight, highly insulated and cheap to 'run' house at competitive initial cost.

As a system it has been proven for over 40 years in Europe and the US, is fast to erect compared to timber systems and, including a cast-in-situ concrete structural core, is of robust and long-lasting construction.

"We can tackle any building project and offer full masonry and joinery services 'in-house' to take your build from start to finish"